What does it take to become a Featured Member?

What does it take to become a Featured Member?

from Recon News

02 July 2016

Each month we bring you a new Featured Member, highlighting the profile of one specially selected guy on Recon. He might be based on the other side of the world and otherwise escape your notice, but through being featured, every one of our thousands of members can get to know him.

There are massive advantages to becoming a Featured Member: it raises your profile, gets you noticed and you're bound to receive loads more cruises, messages and friend requests. And we know what that could lead to!

So how can you become a Featured Member? Well, the first step is to apply with your Recon username to social@recon.com. We have a tough job sifting through all the applications, but if you'd like to be a Featured Member, here are our tips:

1. Give us photos

Whether or not you want to admit it, photos are important. It's a well-known fact that profiles which include pictures are more successful. It's far better that you include images than don't, as omitting them could prompt members to keep scrolling past your profile. Certainly to be a Featured Member, we'd like to see a few good pics.

A decent range of pictures is helpful; create different galleries and let us see you in different situations, and definitely wearing your gear. Choose some great pics and if you don't have any, get a friend to take some of you.

2. Think about your title

Just as a clever headline might grab your attention, your title is one of the things we take notice of. April's featured member, RaunchyMan, used the simple but effective 'Kinks and cuddles' – a heading which says much in only three words. It caught our eye.

The title can be hard to write, but try not to be cheesy or use clichés. We like a title that is intriguing; one which suggests what you are all about and what you want.

3. Give plenty of info

When we're choosing a Featured Member, we look for a completed profile – the more information there is, the better. We want to learn all about you. It really is a case of the more effort you put in, the more it will pay off – that goes for attracting other members too. Unfinished or half-hearted profiles don't receive as much interest or interaction.

4. Getting personal is good

Write about what you're into but don't forget to give a little insight into you – this is how you differentiate yourself from other members, so say something that makes you stand out. Give us a reason to feature you. Talk about who you are, your interests and what you're into. Demonstrate you're respectful of others' kinks too.

5. Be exciting

All of us want our profiles to appeal to other members; you want them to be champing at the bit to make contact and go further. One of the best ways to do that is to appear confident – if you can convey that you feel good about yourself, we'll feel good about you, too.

Use your whole profile – your images, your title and your blurb – to excite us and persuade us that you should be our next Featured Member.

And that's pretty much it. If you can bear these tips in mind, you could very well be selected as our next Featured Member. And even if not, the advice should help improve your profile and attract much more interest on Recon. We look forward to your application!