What to expect from our Gear Stays On Virtual Masterclass.

What to expect from our Gear Stays On Virtual Masterclass.

from Recon Events

28 April 2021

Gear and up join us on Friday 07 May for our next Gear Stays On Masterclass event. We've got another fantastic lineup of educators and panelists from the kink community, providing educational guidance, safety tips, visual demos and informative discussions.

Brew Hunter (well-known for hosting his infamous Hardcore Leather Events, MASTERY and LTHRD, at London's world-renowned Backstreet club, and presenter of his MasteryClasses in Flogging/Impact Play (FLOG IT!), BDSM Ownership (MASTERY 101) and Cigar/SMoke Play) joins us for his second virtual Masterclass and talks about the Protocol of service, slavery and submission - from the Old Guard to the Vanguard. Exploring the mindset of Mastery, he explains not only why it's hot and horny, but also why it is one of the most mentally and physically challenging aspects of BDSM.

Trikoot is a bondage connoisseur and occasional kink educator from Helsinki, Finland. With 15 years of bondage experience, he aims to create intensive BDSM scenes which are not only immobilizing, but also safe, sane, consensual, and comfortable. In this masterclass, he will demonstrate those principles through an easily approachable bondage demo on mummification.

Spot, "wicked switch of the North" inspires us regularly with his experience from various impact play techniques, rubber care and strict slave training, and his insatiable appetite for protocol and power exchange. In the next Recon Masterclass, Spot guides us through the magic of chastity - sharing some do's, don'ts, and a pinch of nerve-wrecking experiences from his time in slavery. Whether you're a begging beginner or a prowling professional, a loving lockee or a cocky keyholder, Spot is sure to give us all some invaluable info on chastity.

For our panel discussion, we'll be chatting with Recon members BoyInDemand, BlkBearCub and Anomtahn about what it was like being a "Newbie". We get their stories of first time on the platform, first time at an event, and thoughts on "fitting in / feeling included".