What to expect from the GearStaysOn Masterclass this Friday

What to expect from the GearStaysOn Masterclass this Friday

from Recon News

14 July 2020

Our Gear Stays On Masterclass brings together different members of the kink community in this online event to provide education, discussion and information within the fetish scene.

We'll be joined by rope artist, Philippe (LycraAndRopes), who will be showcasing a live shibari demo covering hog ties and suspension. Also joining our Masterclass will be Brew Hunter a well-known cigar Master in the London Fetish community. Brew regularly presents his Mastery classes in Flogging/Impact Play (FLOG IT!) and BDSM Ownership (MASTERY 101) and will be presenting an online talk about Cigars and Cigar/Smoke play - a subject and interest that is becoming more and more popular in the leather and fetish community.

Joining us from Brazil will be a man whose personal philosophy is "There is no such thing as too much rope or bondage. This is nonsense ". Rodney (AddictedToRopes) will be teaching about safety, scissors and circulation – quick ties you can do with only a few ropes.

Our first panel discussion will be on mental health during lockdown - hosted by Dominic Davies and Robert Palmer. Dominic Davies is a psychotherapist and sex therapist with over 35 years' experience. He founded Pink Therapy 21 years ago and it's the largest independent therapy organisation in the UK to work with the LGBTQ+ community.
Robert Palmer practices as a Highly Specialist Psychotherapist in a central London sexual health clinic, and has a private practice working mostly with LGBTQ+ patients. He specialises in sex, sexuality, relationships and sexualised drug use.

We close out the Masterclass event with a discussion panel focusing on Kinky POC/Race & Ethnicity led by Recon Brand Director 'ThatSandy ', joined by other known kink voices from within our community.

Joining us is German based Patrick (the guy we all know for shoving strange tubes up his nostrils), a keen rubber enthusiast who has been exploring the fetish world fully since hitting the age of 18.

London based ROY INC - a Singer, Songwriter, Arranger/Composer, Music Co-Producer & Video Producer. Roy has been on the fetish scene for many years and modelled last year for FWL2019 and The Boys Club, which features in Recon Issue_2.

Nordine logs in to join us from Brussels. He's a lover of mud and is a fetish projects initiator and founding member of the modern fetish scene in Belgium. Nordine created the FIGHT (Friends into gear against hatred and for tolerance) thinktank in 2015. He is well-known and much loved throughout the kink community.

Whether you're new to the scene, or been at it for years, there's something to learn.

This event is free to attend. However we do ask you to make a donation to UK Black Pride in the link below.

To get the zoom link, be sure to add yourself to the event and we'll send you a direct member message.