World AIDS Day 2017: A big thank you!

World AIDS Day 2017: A big thank you!

from Recon News

28 January 2018

Thanks to everyone who donated to NAT as part of Recon's World AIDS Day campaign, who showed your support by adding a virtual red ribbon to your Recon profile, or who got involved with World AIDS Day 2017 in any other way.

NAT champion the rights of people living with HIV and campaign for change. Your donations will help NAT to continue to prevent the spread of HIV and protect the rights of people living with HIV.

Some of the ways they'll be spending your donation include:

• Monitoring access to HIV preventative medicine. After NAT's win in the Supreme Court, PrEP is now available on the NHS. Evidence shows that PrEP successfully prevents new cases of HIV transmission. Now, NAT will be working to ensure it's available to everyone who needs it.
• Protecting essential HIV support services. Support services help people living with HIV to cope with their diagnosis, to feel less isolated, and to have better mental health. Yet NAT's research shows that funding for HIV support services has fallen by almost 30%. They are working to ensure that these vital services are adequately funded for the future.
• Fighting stigma. 1 in 5 people living with HIV worries about how they will be treated at work because of their HIV status. NAT are designing a tool to combat HIV stigma, by providing a safe space online where colleagues can ask questions and learn the facts about HIV.

Thanks to you, NAT can continue their work to end stigma, end HIV transmission and end isolation of people living with HIV.

To keep up to date with more about NAT's work you can sign up for their newsletter here.