from Recon News

03 April 2021

Yvan, also known as member QueerYvan, is a historian of sexuality. In an ongoing series, he shares some of his favourite fetish encounters (in a whole lot of detail), as well as occasionally filling us in on the history of kink.

For Charlie, my best boi.

I went to play with the leather men again. Two tall, gorgeous specimens who dressed the part so well. One has a bushy red beard with a thick moustache, his hair always looks sharp. The other has cropped dark hair, and like me has lots of tattoos and a hairy chest, his dark curls not having yet faded to grey like mine. He also has a PA, 00 gauge. So many times have I felt it forced into my gagging throat that I cannot imagine him without it. They are always clad in leather from head to toe; I cannot imagine them in anything else. The red head, Berlin Rob, had the same leather shirt, black leather jeans and biker boots that he always wears when we meet. I've never seen him without leather gloves; he has even left them on when he's fisted me. Sadiq, the edgier of the two, has a huge collection, and I've never seen him in the same leathers twice. Sometimes it's full motorcycle gear - classic black like The Wild One, or black and white sports racing wear, adapted to get his junk out when he wants to fuck. In the heat I've seen him in only a leather jockstrap and 18 hole Doc Martens, on the days he wants me to work his hole as well as his magnificent cock. Today he was in a black vest and matching chaps and his Docs again - formal wear for faggots. "Come over," they said, although I cannot remember which one of them invited me. "We have a surprise for you."

I got ready. Black leather chaps, a jock strap that was easy to unclip if they wanted to use my cock and balls as well. I also wore a Tom of Finland singlet under my leather jacket, but I'd discard these at the door. As I laced up my boots, I wondered what was waiting for me. My surprise was that I was not going to bottom. There was a hot boi coming to play that they'd picked up off some app, and they wanted me to watch me try him first. He arrived not long after me.

Charlie was very much the kind of guy I like to fuck. Middle-aged, short, a shaved head, no beard, hairless except for his pits, his curly black pubes and the dark hairs in his arse crack. Perfect eyebrows framed his dark french eyes. His lips were full and hungry. His body was strong. Stunning tattoos of black organic patterns and a view of Mount Fuji on his back. He was wearing black leather shorts with a zip that went all the way around when we wanted to access his arse. I told him to take off the singlet he was wearing, and could see the black circle tattooed around one of his nipples, both of which were pierced with thick rings.

I got up to take a closer look. He'd been told not to shower since morning, not to wear deo for the whole week before. I breathed him in; his scent was intoxicating, changing as I sniffed my way over his body. I stood behind him and turned him to face the mirror while I ran my hands over him, feeling everything as if it was mine. His back was strong, his arms the right kind of muscular. His stomach was smooth, soft, a little snail trail of hairs that invited me down into his shorts. I had my arm around his hard, flat chest, pulling him back against me, and watched his face as I pushed my right hand down his pants. He was already excited, and I played with him, ignoring his cock, but fondling his balls, caressing him to feel his pleasure swell, putting pressure on his perineum, waking up his prostate. "We're going to pound the fuck out of you," I said quietly in his ear and I could feel him tense up in excitement. "You're going to be a slut for me tonight, for all of us." His eyes were closed to concentrate his arousal, as I rubbed my fingers over his junk. "You're going to be gaping when we are done with you," I said and he sighed. "Is that what you want? Is that why you came?" He nodded, a dreamy look on his face, his eyes still closed.

I took his nipple between my fingers and thumb and squeezed hard, not giving up the pressure between his legs. His nipples were dark, thick, puffy, like they'd been sucked on countless times in his past. The metal was hard in his soft flesh, and I crushed my fingers so hard that the sensation made him open his eyes. "That's better," I said. "Surely you should look at someone one when they are speaking to you?"
-- "Sorry sir," he said.
-- "Sir? Who said to call me sir? My name's Yvan," I said, roughly pulling my hand out of his shorts, and pinching the other pierced tit. "Watch, in the mirror. Don't take your eyes off your body," I said, and clamped my grip hard on the steel in his nipples. His face contorted, but he was good. He brought himself back to the present with his breath, his gaze hard.

-- "What are you going to do for us tonight?" I asked.
-- "Anything you want, Yvan," Charlie responded, quietly.

I pulled on his nipples harder, dragging them away from his body, lifting him up by them until he was standing on his toes, trying to deal with the excruciating sensation. "Louder, boi. They can't hear you."

-- "I'll do anything you want, make me yours," he said in a firm voice, gritting his teeth as I twisted and pulled on his tits.
-- "Good." I let go, and then slammed both hands hard against his chest, flattening his nipples against his frame. I could tell he was sore. "It's a shame I didn't bring any needles. I'd have loved to pierce your tits again, to make you really conscious of them." He said nothing. I could tell he liked the look of his piercings more than the pain he had taken to get them. But he was good. He'd given me what I wanted. I turned him around and took his face in my hands and kissed him.

He was a thirsty kisser, his soft lips open, his mouth welcoming my tongue. He pressed his body against mine as we kissed, giving himself to me, rubbing his crotch against my leathers. I held his head, his stubble tickling my finger. "What a slut this one is," Sadiq said. "Where'd you find him, Rob?"
-- "He was chasing me on Recon. I said I had a boyfriend and that we only fucked together, which he said he loved. So I told him I wanted a gang bang, which he said he'd always fantasised about, 'to be the biggest slut on earth,' were his words. And here we are."
-- "Here we are indeed," I said to the men, and turned back to Charlie. "Open your mouth," I said. He did, sticking out his tongue. I spat inside, and watched as he swallowed. "You're a good boi," I said. "You're going to please me. Please us." I spat in his face again, and rubbed it over his face, degrading him, letting him know exactly what it meant to want to be such a slut. I pushed my fingers into his mouth, right down his throat, feeling the texture change as I caressed his gullet. "Are you going to make us happy?" I asked.
-- "Yes," he gurgled, and I could feel his voice struggle to get out past my fingers. His eyes said it all. He was hungry.

I pushed his face away. "Show us what you've got," I said. He turned around, running his hands up his beautiful body, holding his round arse. "I want to spank it," I said, and he bent over for me. I warmed him up through his leathers, which dulled my crisp swings into a heavy thud. "That won't do," I said, opening his shorts and pulling them down roughly and kicking them away, exposing his juicy round arse, naked except his boots. I put his hands up above his head, holding onto a ring that hung from the ceiling, and told him to count to ten as I hit him on the left cheek, hard. He wriggled but did not stop me until there was a glowing red patch in the shape of my hand on his white arse. "Do you think that was adequate?" I asked. "You moved around everywhere." He looked disappointed, but said nothing. I stared into his eyes. "I asked you a question, do you think that was adequate?"
-- "No, sorry Yvan"
-- "Can you do better?"
-- "Yes, I can."
-- "Good. I'll hold you," I said, "Sadiq, come here."

He came over, rubbing his hands together and grinning.

I picked the boi up, wrapping his legs around me, holding him tight against me. "Hit him," I said to Sadiq, and felt each blow heavier than the next land on his bottom. When I put him down, we joked that Sadiq hits harder than me. Twenty spanks and his arse was a red mess. Rob was watching the show, drinking water and smoking a cigarette.

I put the boi on his knees, bent over the leather chaise longue. I could feel my cock swelling constricted in my jockstrap, and decided to take it off. I liked leaving him waiting, letting the men see him exposed like this. "Hold your cheeks apart," I said, to amuse us further. He looked so hot. His butt was so round and inviting, dark hairs sparsely curling around his pink hole. His balls hung down invitingly, so I placed the sole of my boot against them, putting pressure against them so they were flattened against the leather of the lounge. His moans told me how much he liked this feeling, so I increased my pressure, rocking back and forth to crush him. "Your arse looks so hot," I said, and moved forward to lick it.

I buried my face in his crack and licked the taste of the day from him, salty sweat and the scent of boi. I grabbed him and spread him, licking his balls and perineum and pushing my tongue into his hole, eating him in a frenzy. I leant back and looked at him, telling him what a hot little slut he was, telling him I wanted to penetrate him. He moaned and nodded and said "Anything," which I took to mean consent.

I covered my fingers in silicone lube and slid into him easily. One finger, two fingers. I found his prostate and focused on it in the most delicate of movements, following his breath as I felt his body building up sexual energy. I picked up the pace, rubbing deeper into his arse, feeling his hole stretch around my digits. I love the feeling of an arse becoming loose for me, and soon I was moving my fingers in and out of him, faster and deeper, my other hand gripping him tight around his balls. "Please give me another finger," he panted.
-- "I love a slut who asks for more," I said, and filled him with three and then four fingers, sliding my hand in and out until he was stretched around the widest part of my palm and my thumb was all that prevented me sliding in up to my wrist. His moans were incredible, he didn't hold anything back. I love a boi who gives himself like this. The men were both watching intently, wanking themselves as I exposed the boi they had selected to put on a show with me. I moved in and out, faster and harder, feeling waves of Charlie's pleasure crashing through him, fucking him the way I love to be fucked. "Are you going to cum for me again?" I asked, when it was obvious that he would. I could already see a trail of precum trickling down the leather of the chaise.
-- "Please, may I?" he gasped.
-- "Of course, cum for me," I said, banging into him harder and harder, feeling his hole tightening around me and then his body trying to push me back out as he clenched tight, a flood of flesh of incredible strength. I did not stop. As his body spasmed I pushed him further and further, amazed at what he was willing to give. He came and came again, this last time evacuating copious liquid all over the floor from his soft cock, an orgasm so intense he shook involuntarily and looked as if he might cry.
-- "Good boi, squirting for me like that," I said, and pulled my fingers from his gaping arse. "Lick it up, slut," I said, pushing his face into the ejaculate on the wooden floor. He was eager, thirsty, a desperate bottom trying to please and losing himself in the sticky task. I was pleased and told him so, with his face glistening in a smile and his breath heavy.

I was so aroused that I had to fuck him. My cock slid in easily, his arse was still palpitating from my expert fingers, and he moaned into the floor, his face still pressed into the wet patch he'd made for me. I was on my feet, pole-driving him deeply, listening to his grunts as I thrust in deeply. His bowel was soft and warm around my cock. He moaned in exquisite shocks every time I pushed in deep enough to find his second sphincter. I would pull out and stare at his gape every time I thought I may come, and then thrust into his hole hungrily when I was ready to fuck again, saving my orgasm as long as I could, working hard for my pleasure. I put him back up on the chaise, stretching out his body so that I could put all of my weight on him, fucking him into the furniture, fucking him until he was moaning and calling out, his hand on his genitals, pleasuring himself. I fucked him hard like this, one knee pressed up to his chest so I could get into him as deep as I could, pounding him until I could feel my orgasm building, not listening to his sobs of pleasure but focusing on my own, using his hole until I felt my breath building up and up and fucking him until I came, collapsing on him in a sweaty, hairy mess, feeling my cock softening in his throbbing arse.

I moved him up onto the chaise, so his arse protruded. "Push it out for me," I said, and held his cheeks apart until I could see my spunk bubbling white against the red of his stretched hole. I leant in and licked him clean, and then told him to kneel on the floor in front of the mirror. "It's time for you to service them," I said, indicating my friends. I reclined back on a black leather chaise longue, and watched the other two spit-roast him. His hungry mouth was deep around Rob's thick cock, stretching his lips so that saliva trickled down his chin. Sadiq had his long, hard cock in his hand, and squatted down behind the boi, rubbing his PA over Charlie's gaping hole, lubeing himself up with my spunk and my spit. I could see the metal of his heavy piercing disappearing into his hole. It was so hot, I got myself hard again with my hand while I watched Charlie being pounded, Sadiq gripping around his shoulders while Rob fucked his mouth with his stumpy, thick cock. When Sadiq pulled out, I could see his semen dribbling out of the hole I had stretched.

I put my foot up on a stool, and told Charlie to straddle my boot, his balls crushed against my red laces. He rubbed his crotch until his short cock was swollen. Rob was behind him,
fucking the hole that we had both spent already spent in, fucking his arse while I wanked myself. Charlie's pleasure was all over his face, glistening with spit, mouth open in ecstasy. He came on my boot as Rob orgasmed in him; when he climbed off I told him to lick it off, which he did with a subservient thrill. I let him finish by sucking my cock dry and kissed my spunk from his lips. "Next time," I said to the others, assuming that he'd be invited back, "I want to cane him while you watch. A perfect arse like that should take much more than just a few cocks." It's bois like him that stop me wanting to only be a bottom for leather men.