Paris Fetish 2017

Thursday May 11, 2017 to Sunday May 14, 2017 - Paris, France

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From Thursday, 11 May to Sunday, 14 May 2017, Paris.

Paris Fetish takes place over 4 days and offers 20 events and parties to attend.

It's been four years since Paris Fetish added its name to the exclusive list of the international events dedicated to the fetish community. Its strength has grown every year and last year’s event was an overwhelming success.

The 4th edition is an opportunity to build on the image and impact of this very Parisian event.
The organisers have decided to maintain and strengthen the established series of events, which attract guys interested in all fetishes, be they leather, rubber, sportswear, watersports or skinhead. These events, organised for Paris Fetish by all the main fetish venues of the Parisian gay scene, allow everyone to express their interests in a specific and unique way. Paris Fetish is an amazing opportunity to gather, share and party.

Various fetish bars and shops will operate as focal meeting points, insuring a friendly and safe environment.

The Bruthal Party will enable all the different fetish communities to be together on the Saturday night in an amazing venue that is one of the best in Europe.

Even though Paris Fetish continues to be true to its founding pillars, the 2017 edition will have a specific focus on Rubber, with a selection of art exhibitions from fetish artists in all participating venues.

Paris Fetish 2017 is counting on you to join them. Book your weekend now to come to Paris and be part of an amazing event.