Fetish Pride in Amsterdam 2017

Thursday May 25, 2017 to Sunday May 28, 2017 - Amsterdam , The Netherlands

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This is the 6th edition of Fetish Pride in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most friendly and cosmopolitan fetish destinations.

Thursday 25 May to Sunday 28 May

Amsterdam Fetish Pride includes workshops, fetish parties, a Fetish Flea Market, fetish shopping, a fetish dinner, and culminates in the main party, Invasion, on Sat 27 May.

Participating venues: Eagle Amsterdam, Dirty Dicks, The Web, Cuckoo’s Nest, Club Church, Undercurrent, Getto, RoB, Mister B, Black Body & Underground.

Here’s a breakdown of the key events:

Golden Shower Party – 25 May

Bleu Fetish – 25 May

Fetish Nest – 26 May

Mister Rubber Netherlands Contest 2017 - First round, Eagle Amsterdam, Friday 26th May and final round at Invasion from 22:00.

Invasion - Sat May 27th, 22:00 until late.
Venue: Undercurrent, Papaverweg 265 in Amsterdam North.
DJ’s: RW and Tohper & Trippy (T&T).
Porn Stars: Michael Duncan & Brock Hatcher.
NEW extra big Playroom and free shuttle service to venue.
Tickets & info online, also at RoB, Mister B, Black Body & The Eagle.