MEMBER: Talking about leather, bondage and more with ‘BLKaiser’

MEMBER: Talking about leather, bondage and more with ‘BLKaiser’

from Recon News

20 November 2016

Recon: Tell us about your fetish tastes

BLKaiser: I would say that my main fetish is Leather. I have always been attracted by it since a very early age. One of my earliest leather memories was when I wore one of my father's leather jackets; he used to collect them. I still remember the feeling of joy and happiness I felt while wearing it. Another memory was when my grand-mother bought me a leather jacket! I loved it so much I wanted to wear it even in summer, bearing in mind we lived in a tropical country.

My other fetish is shibari bondage. I find it extremely sensual and beautiful! I particularly love the fact that it takes a long time to tie (or get tied up) someone this way as each layer of rope makes the sub more and more vulnerable to the point where he is helpless. My ideal scenario would involve a combination of bondage and leather.

R: Tell us what you love about leather

Bk: I personally love the look, feel, smell, sound and taste of leather. Wearing it makes me feel invincible. For me, a full leather outfit (Bluf, biker or other styles) looks and feels like an armour that a knight would wear. Also, it is important to me how leather fits. For me a leather outfit does not need to be expensive but it definitely needs to fit well and tightly. I also understand that it is hard for the younger generation to start their collection so I would happily share some of my gear. I know I would have loved it if an old guard gave me some his old gear when I was a newbie.

In my everyday life, I try my best to wear leather as much as possible so you might see me in a supermarket in full leather or at least wearing leather trousers and boots. What I wear creates reaction from the public, ranging from a puzzled look to an interested look. In the past I, have met guys (straight and gay) who said they have always wanted to wear leather but did not have the courage. For me, leather helps me feel confident and brave so guys get your leathers on every day!

R: Tell us how and when you first got into fetish

Bk: As far as I can remember I have always had a kinky side. I remember playing hide and seek with my cousins when I was a child. I innocently suggested that the first one who is found would be tied up and put under the bed. I will let you guess who was found first! As to leather, I used to save up my pocket money to buy leather jackets. At times, I would buy it only to smell it and did not care if it fitted or not. It is only later, when I moved to Europe and started earning my own money that I started to realise my dream which was to be dressed in leather from head to toe. I have not looked back since then.

R: Tell us about your favourite types of play

Bk: One of my favourite types of play would be a Tom of Finland Master with his sub at his feet. The sub would be in leather chaps, leather hood secured with a collar. That is the setup of a great head fuck scene for me. It is also very important to me that the sub is not compliant and obedient from day one. I love cheeky subs as they give me a reason to punish them! Ideally I prefer long regular sessions as this allows both sides to learn about each other's likes, dislikes and personalities!

I have also taken part some puppy play scenes, some kidnap scenes and many others.

R: Tell us about your fetish life in London

Bk: London is definitely my fetish playground. You would often see me at the Backstreet on Fridays and Saturdays. I love that place because It reminds me of old school leather clubs. Brew Hunter also organises Mastery nights at the Backstreet. I always look forward to attending those!

I also attend Fetishbound as often as I can and I of course attend Recon parties! They are always great fun! When I am out, I usually wear a full leather uniform. If you recognise me, feel free to say hi; I do not bite at first sight, though I cannot guarantee what happens thereafter.

I have also attended many RUT parties which remind me a lot the Berlin fetish scene thanks to its arches. Of course, I attend Leather Social every first Sunday of the month. This free event was created by Simon Mc Aoillin and it takes place at Comptons from 5.30 onward. People are encouraged to wear their leathers but the shy ones also have the option of changing into their gear when they get there. We also welcome leather virgins and leather admirers.

R: Tell us about your favourite fetish clubs/nights/events

Bk: I would say that I fell in love with one particular club in Berlin called Quälgeist. It is a bondage club hidden away from the main gay area but it is worth travelling for. It is equipped with all the devices that a bondage fan could only see in their wildest dream - from bondage tables to suspension devices, from pup cages to cells, or from isolation leather padded boxes to leather bondage chairs! It has got it all! The first time I went there I felt like a child in a candy shop! I am looking forward to going back there. I think it would be amazing to have something similar in London!

R: Tell us about what you find hot about fetish men

Bk: For me a confident man in a well fitted Tom of Finland leather uniform is the dream look. For me, all body shapes can be attractive as long as the man feels fit and healthy. I have a thing for guys who have blue or green eyes too. I also find men who can "kick ass" very attractive! For example, someone who is into competitive sports or Martial Arts; I am thinking the actor Jason Statham in full leather for instance.

R: Tell us about something you've tried that you were surprised you were into

Bk: I tried wearing a wrestling singlet a few times and wore it while being intimate with my partner. I originally wore for him but then realised that I actually enjoyed the look of it! Also, recently I bought a full army uniform. I only tried it on to see what it looked like and realised how manly and sexy it looked so I ended up buying it! I found it in a vintage shop in Shoreditch.

R: Tell us if there's anything you're yet to try, but want to

Bk: There is so much that I have not tried. We need to try things at least once, right? I would love to take part in a long bondage bootcamp! This would involve going away for a weekend or more or spend a similar period in a dungeon of other Fetish venues. My inspiration for this would be Ann Rice's novel called "Beauty's punishment" which I would recommend to all Fetishists.

R: Tell us what you use Recon for

Bk: I have been on Recon since the age of 24 or 25. I mainly use it to keep in touch with mates I met on Recon who live in the UK or abroad. I also use it to meet new friends with similar kinky interests. I would love to meet leather guys who are ready to wear their gear in public and meet for dinners, movies, hanging out or other activities in gear! That would be amazing! I also use Recon to keep up with fetish news in the UK and the world; I particularly like the gallery section!

I would like to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to talk about my fetishes! I have to say that it has been so much fun, so keep an eye out for my video interview!