Get a taste: An introduction to bondage

Get a taste: An introduction to bondage

from Recon News

12 February 2017

The fetish community is well known for its diversity – if you think something's hot, there's a good chance there's a whole community of people that agree with you.

In our 'Get a taste' series, we explore a variety of fetishes and kinks and offer a short introduction.

In this article, we introduce you to the B in BDSM: bondage. It's a popular form of kinky play used to take away control from one party and give complete control to another. If you enjoy the idea of being Dominant or submissive, but don't know where to start, bondage is a great introduction.

The basics of bondage

Bondage is practiced for many different reasons – it isn't just reserved for those who enjoy sadomasochism. You may wish to be dominated and tortured, or you may prefer the idea of being teased and giving up control. If you wish to take the Dom or 'active' role, you'll also have a preferred level of play.

Blindfolds or hoods are often used in combination with being tied up, as it's the sensory deprivation which makes the torture/teasing more intense. Not knowing what's coming next adds a level of excitement and anticipation for the sub, while the Dom can enjoy the element of surprise.

You can use a variety of materials to restrain the sub, including rope, metal or leather cuffs, body wrap and bondage tape. The form of bondage you choose to use is down to your preferences and whatever makes you most excited and comfortable. Try a variety of materials and see which works best for you.

There are specific types of bondage, too – notably kinbaku (or Japanese rope bondage) and mummification. Kinbaku is often used for aesthetic and artistic purposes, as the rope can be weaved into patterns; you will need to practice this with someone experienced to learn the techniques. Mummification is an advanced form of bondage which involves wrapping the entire body (though you may choose to leave some gaps for sexual play).

When it comes to tying your partner, there are lots of different positions to choose from, but these can be split into several basic categories: spread out (so the legs and/or arms are far apart), body binding (e.g. hands tied together), bound to an object (such as a chair or Saint Andrew's Cross) and body wrap (e.g. mummification). Both subs and Doms will have positions they prefer, so again, try out a variety see which ones you enjoy.

Bondage safety tips

Staying safe when practicing bondage is of upmost importance, as in extreme situations things can go wrong. Firstly, never participate in bondage with someone you don't know or trust, as you could put yourself in danger. When you have found a suitable partner, before engaging in bondage you should discuss the rules of play, so each person knows the other's limits. You must also come up with a safe word, sound or symbol, so play can be stopped immediately when it becomes too much for the sub.

If you're using rope, tape or body wraps, keep a pair of safety shears nearby in case you need to release the sub immediately. Do not leave a tied-up partner alone for long periods of time, as they may become uncomfortable and need to be released. If the wrap or ties are too tight, your partner's circulation may be cut off, so monitor this and ensure they are comfortable.

The key to enjoying bondage is taking it slow and exploring what you like. You should always feel comfortable saying 'no' to anything you are unsure about – subs can, and should, have their limits.

A good place to start is talking to other Recon members who have an interest and experience in bondage. Whenever trying out new kinks, it's always a good idea to get advice or have your first experiences with guys who know what they're doing. They will also usually have stronger ties to the community, and will be able to introduce you to this new scene.

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