COMPETITION: Show Your Fetish – Sports

COMPETITION: Show Your Fetish – Sports

from Recon News

12 September 2017

Here at Recon we love nothing more than seeing our members geared up in their finest, and having other men see them looking good. With this in mind, we thought it was time to have a friendly bit of competition to show you all off.

We're going to select random weeks to focus on different types of gear. We want members to send us pics of themselves geared up in this type, then we'll post them out on Twitter with their username. At the end of the week, the member who's received the most likes on their pic will be the winner, and receive 6 months' premium membership…Though, seeing as anyone who's posted will likely get a boost in cruises and messages on Recon, you'll all be winners!

Eventually the winners of the different categories will go head to head for a week, and the member who gets the most likes that week will receive an additional six months premium.

Starting on Monday, the category is… SPORTS! Send us your pics now!

Send your sports geared up pics with your username (and Twitter handle if you have one) to: