CLAW 15 - Scavenger Hunt

Thursday April 23, 2015 to Sunday April 26, 2015 - Cleveland, USA

Event image

Recon will be over in Cleveland for CLAW 15! We wanted to bring a few treats with us, so as well as the Recon Photo Booth, we’ll also be arranging a CLAW 15 Scavenger Hunt!

CLAW 15 attendees have to find and take pictures in the hotel of the following guys:

• A leather man
• A guy in rubber
• A pup
• A guy in a jock
• A guy in uniform
• A bear
• A guy tied up
• A selfie of you in gear

Send all eight photos and your Recon profile name to*. The first three individual hunters to submit pictures of all categories will get six months premium membership!

We also have two additional prizes of a full year’s membership to give to hunters who can get the Recon profile names of all the guys they shoot!

So really it’s up to you. Do you go for the quicker option and aim for the six month’s prize, or do you put in the leg work and chance a full year?!

The competition will run from 23-25 April, and we’ll announce the winners on Sunday 27 by messaging their Recon profile.

*Photos taken may be used on and Recon social media, so be sure to ask the permission of the guy before taking their picture.