GearStaysOn Masterclass

Friday March 12, 2021 - London, United Kingdom

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Our Gear Stays On Masterclass brings together different members of the kink community in this online event to provide education, discussion and information within the fetish community.

Friday 12 March

7:00pm - 10:00pm (BST)

We'll be joined by Florida based DaddyDog. A Leather Daddy for over 30 years, a Handler for over 9 years, and a Doggo for the last 6 years. DaddyDog is an advocate for teaching the roots of leather and kink whilst encouraging folks to explore and grow their kinks. In this Masterclass Daddydog will be talking about his own experiences with breath control and how to practice this safely.

Jason Tantra will be discussing the link between Tantra & BDSM. He is the co-founder of Tantra4GayMen and has taught and mentored other practitioners and enthusiasts for well over 15 years. Jason has a background in integrative counselling, working as a psychotherapist specialising in sexual issues and trauma and a lifelong vocation in Neo-Tantra, spirituality and energy work.

We'll also be joined by HypnoDad who has had formal training in psychology (Ph.D. from the University of Chicago) and has been using hypnosis for 20 years with Doms and subs that he meets on Recon and elsewhere. In this workshop he will talk about hypnosis, and demonstrate the power of trance, the benefits of erotic hypnosis and safety surrounding this practice.

Our Panel Discussion will be the first time we do a feature solely on guys who identify as South Asian. We'll talk with ThatGuyKnows, HardKinkPlay and Fawkink about being South Asian on the kink scene and navigating issues around race, perception, culture, and what it's like to be "out".

*Remember – Social distancing is vitally important and is something we all must do… but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some good fun while we’re doing it. Stay home, keep safe, stay connected, and keep having fun.